About Us

           Bishop Jewelers is a family owned business. The business is owned by Armando and Maggie and operated by the whole family. The family business started in 1940 when Lennie's grandfather opened a jewelry store in Los Angeles. Eventually, he passed the business on to his son Ben (Lennie's father) who later gave the business to Lennie. Lennie decided he wanted to expand the business, so he moved it to the beautiful Eastern Sierras. The newly expanded business was named the Sierra Jewelers. Soon after, Armando started working at the Sierra Jewelers, and became a huge asset to the store. Eight years later, Lennie decided to retire and he helped Armando start his own jewelery business, The Bishop Jewelers.

          Armando has 28 years of jewelry experience. This experience allows him to feel confident when tackling tricky repairs. Also, designing jewelry is one of his favorite challenges. His experiences allow him to be able to do all jewelery repairs at the Bishop Store. He can re-size rings, reset stones, solder, change watch batteries, change watch bands, change watch crystals, and even pierce ears. Since Bishop is where Armando lives, he has embraced the local community. His youngest son attends the local schools, while his other son is away embracing his future. Armando's wife, Maggie, works at one of the local doctors offices part time, which also allows her to work at the store. As you can see, Armando and his family have made Bishop their home, and they have become a huge part of the local community.


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