Armando's Line

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5mm Pearl Necklace
5mm pearls Fresh water Pink color 16" ..
Buck Reversible Pendant
Sterling silver 65 CT of blue turquoise Standing buck on reverse side ..
Forest at Night Reversible Pendant
Sterling silver 30 CT Blue turquoise Forest at night time design or reverse side ..
Gold Pine Cone with Diamonds
Each pine cone is hand picked and carefully chosen for its strength and shape. Then we cast the c..
Jumping Fish Reversible Pendant
Sterling Silver Reversible Pendant Gray Turquoise Turquoise - 17 CT ..
Mt. Tom Reversible Pendant
Sterling silver 47 CT Blue turquoise Mt. Tom design or reverse side ..
Sun and Mountains Bangle
This bracelet is a unique piece from Armando's Line. It has a mountain scenario with the moon set..
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