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Personalized Jewelry Consultations

Personalized Jewelry Consultations

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How It Works:

  1. Schedule: Select who you would like a consultation with in the drop down menu. Once you have selected your option, click on "Select a time button." You will then select your desired date and time for your consultation, pending availability, allowing you to choose a convenient time to visit our store whenever works for you.
  2. Purchase: Once you have selected your desired date and time, add this consultation to your cart and proceed to checkout like normal, marking the beginning of your jewelry journey. 
  3. Meet Your Legacy Jewelers: Walk through our door and be embraced by the warmth of a family tradition that spans generations. Steven and Armando will be there to personally welcome you, embodying the legacy of craftsmanship and our unwavering commitment to our cherished clients. Your jewelry dreams are about to come to life!
  4. Crafting Your Legacy: This is where the magic happens. Collaborate with us to create a jewelry piece that tells your story or preserves your family's legacy, captures a special moment or memory, or simply to say I Love You. The result? A cherished heirloom, a piece of art to be admired and loved by generations to come, or a simple gift for that special someone in your life. Whatever your occasion, we are here to help!

Why Choose Our Bespoke Jewelry Consultation:

  • Legacy of Craftsmanship: We aren't just jewelers; we are the guardians of a tradition that has stood the test of time, assuring you of unmatched artistry and quality.
  • Your Story, Your Jewelry: We specialize in crafting, repairing, and maintaining jewelry that doesn't just adorn, but narrates your tale. Whether it's your story or your family's, we shape it into wearable art.
  • Expertise and Dedication: With over five decades of combined experience, Steven and Armando fuse artistry with precision, backed by a deep-rooted passion for their craft and bringing joy to their clients.
  • A Commitment to You: In the pursuit of your jewelry dreams, we're more than just jewelers; we're your partners, ensuring every step of the journey is as unique as the jewelry itself. 

    Embark on your jewelry odyssey today. Experience the magic of family, tradition, and craftsmanship – a journey that brings your dreams to life, one piece of jewelry at a time.

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